Our Projects

Cooperative Energy Futures works on various projects and events relating to organizing communities, holding workshops, researching energy efficiency, and working outside companies to be able to provide the best services.

Our big past accomplishments are:

  • completing a bulk insulation project with 7 households in the Merriam Park neighborhood of Saint Paul in 2008, gaining a discount for the homeowners and motivating them to take action
  • working on community mapping of clean energy and energy efficiency in Mahtomedi
  • providing free home energy workshops in English and Spanish to 30 households in the East Phillips neighborhood in partnership with the East Phillips Improvement Coalition (EPIC)
  • completing a bulk insulation project in the South Minneapolis area with 10-12 households.

These links will provide further insights to projects that CEF is working on:

  • Workshops: Our customizable workshops offer do-it-yourself energy saving information and hands on practice for your home – we come to you! Low-cost energy-saving materials are also available.
  • Bulk Buying: We support teams of neighbors in buying home insulation, solar, and home energy saving materials in bulk. Save time and money while making home energy upgrades fun.
  • Community Energy Ownership: We are currently in the initial stages of our first community energy ownership project.

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