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We are community energy enthusiasts, citizen activists and student leaders. We see energy efficiency as the first step toward relocalizing our energy economies. We have created CEF to support our communities in the process of building people-powered solutions to the energy crisis and climate change.

Cooperative Energy Futures is comprised of a Board of Directors and a Coordination Team, which handles the day-to-day operations of the cooperative. Our entire organization is volunteer at this point; if you are interested in joining us, check out our Get Involved page. Learn about our team:

Timothy Den-Herder Thomas | General Manager

TimothyTimothy DenHerder-Thomas grew up in Jersey City NJ, which helped him make the connections between energy usage, pollution, poverty, social fragmentation, and environmental destruction. Ever since, he’s been working to create whole-picture solutions to these inter-connected crises. Timothy graduated from Macalester College, where he helped secure bold carbon neutrality policy and pioneer the Clean Energy Revolving Fund (CERF), which supports self-financing energy efficiency projects. From there, he launched Cooperative Energy Futures, helping pilot it’s bulk buying and workshop programs, building and organizing the team, and investigating innovative models for community energy ownership and community participation in energy markets. Timothy has also been closely involved in the Alliance to Re-Industrialize for a Sustainable Economy (ARISE), a green industry coalition working to transform an aging industrial site in St. Paul into a mixed-use green industrial center and in launching Our Power, a campaign to expand access to energy efficiency and clean energy in South Minneapolis. Timothy also helped found Grand Aspirations, which supports teams of youth innovators in 16 cities to create green economic opportunity for themselves and their communities through innovative energy efficiency, green industry, sustainable food, transit access, and clean energy solutions. Timothy, now 25, is a Young People For Fellow, a Morris K. Udall Scholar, a Goldman Sachs Global Leader, and a recipient of the 2008 Brower Youth Award and the 2009 Mario Savio Award.

Board of Directors

Megan Hoye | Chair

meganMegan Hoye is the Engagement Coordinator for the Center for Energy and Environment’s Innovation Exchange. Prior to that she worked with Fresh Energy on transmission research and outreach and with the University of Minnesota Extension as a research consultant. Megan’s background is in architecture and interior design, working professionally for three years on sustainable design projects and research. Megan values the community approach that is embedded in CEF’s work and is interested in some of the equity components of the cooperative model. Megan holds a Masters of Science in Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of  Minnesota.

Jennifer Lang | Vice Chair


Jennifer Lang is a professional violinist, performing regularly with the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra and the MN Sinfonia. She is also a Certified Urban Farmer and actively engaged in the Midwest Permaculture Research Institute. As an advocate of health and wellness on many levels, she is co-authoring the upcoming book, The Mental Calorie: The Quest for Health and Well Being. The book presents a panorama of well being perspectives across many industries, including clean energy, as key to vitality and fulfillment. Jennifer first became passionate about solar energy while helping her aunt launch Entire-Earth-Electricity, a proposal for a world-wide solar electricity grid. Jennifer is excited to be working with CEF to flip the concept of how we produce energy on its head while helping communities find innovative ways to govern and empower themselves.

Jake Rounds | Treasurer

JakeJake Rounds researches public policy for the Democratic Energy Initiative at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance. A graduate with a degree in Physics, he is active as a Citizen Modeler for Minneapolis Energy Options.  Jake believes that CEF’s cooperative structure presents an opportunity to create a new energy model anchored in community ownership. He is proud of the programs that CEF offers, which enable any member of the community to take direct action against climate change, from the simple first steps on up.

Bruce Konewko | Secretary

bruceBruce Konewko has been a Cooperative Energy Futures member since the beginning of 2013. Bruce was recently elected to CEF Board of Directors. Bruce’s background is in sales and marketing in the residential home exterior industry, where he has worked for the past 20 years. Bruce has recently redirected his career focus toward the sustainable and renewable energy fields. He now specializes in residential energy auditing and solar PV site assessment. “Working in the corporate world of ‘profits over people’ was not aligned with my ideals. The community building model that CEF employs is not only a first rate cooperative model, it helps neighbors and communities by empowering them in a process of becoming personally involved in their energy decisions.” It really shows people, in a hands-on setting, how to use and improve their energy knowledge.

Volunteer Organizer and Workshop Facilitator: Ruby Levine

Ruby has been involved with Cooperative Energy Futures since the summer of 2008. She has been a leader on the bulk insulation projects in Merriam Park and South Minneapolis. She helped to design the workshop curriculum and delivers workshops in Spanish and English. She is also an organizer for the Summer of Solutions program in the Twin Cities and nationally. She graduated from Macalester College in 2011.


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