Board elections and the annual members meeting are coming up

Check out these updates on our board from the quarterly members’ newsletter!

Board Elections:

CEF is building our Board. We’re inviting members or supporters who want to become members to run for our Board. Board terms are two years, and we expect Board members to contribute about 5 hours/month to advancing the development of the cooperative.

Please join us by learning more and nominating yourself or someone else as a Board member! To do so, respond to this request for nominations by April 6th, 2012 via the online form ( or by downloading this document (hit download on the upper right – All members may vote for the Board of directors either by absentee online ballots or in-person at the annual members meeting.

Annual Members Meeting:
We’re approaching our most important annual event – the annual members meeting. This meeting allows members to get together, build community, learn more about the co-op, elect the Board, and contribute to key decisions for its future. The annual members meeting will be held on Tuesday April 17th at Powderhorn Park, from 6-8pm. We invite the general public to attend this meeting as observers if you want to invite friends – members contribute and help make decisions.

Now is a great time to invite someone you know to join in as a member of Cooperative Energy Futures. Contact Brianna at to sign on new member.

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