October Board Meeting

Members of CEF should feel free to join us on Friday, October 26th from 3:30-5:30PM. We’ll be in the conference room at the Midtown Global Market at 920 E. Lake Street. To find us, go down the stairs behind the security desk form the main level, past the Driver’s license center, and then turn right down the long hall where the signs for the Global market are.

Here is an agenda for our meeting:
  • 3:30PM Check-ins
  • 3:45PM – Approve minutes and agenda
  • 3:50PM – General Updates
    • Introduction to Brenden Pierce and discussion of his experience – 10 min
    • Progress on bulk buying project and next steps – 10 min
      • AEI/ Solar relationship and progress
      • Memo to Falcon Heights on project expansion – see second attached
      • Interest in insulation on the rise
      • Progress in video development
    • Progress on cooperative solar model – 5 min
    • Tour of Do It Green Office/ storage facilities – 5 min
  • 4:20PM – Special Order
    • Task Management going forward – 10 min
    • Responsibilities around promotion of Green America campaign – 10 min
    • Ramping up insulation and solar capacity – 10 min
    • Strategy on cooperative solar – 10 min
    • Other immediate financial/ revenue opportunities – 10 min
    • Hiring a full-time staff person/ outreach coordinator?  – 10 min
    • General capacity/ growing CEF power – 10 min
  • 5:30PM – adjourn

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