Board meeting 2/22

Cooperative Energy Futures will have a board meeting at the Midtown Global Market basement conference room from 4-6pm on Friday, 2/22. All CEF members are welcome to attend. Please contact Ruby Levine ( if you would like to attend to coordinate entry — the room is a little hard to find.

The agenda for the meeting will be:

  • 4PM: Check-ins on personal and work progress
  • 4:15PM – approve agenda and minutes
  • 4:20PM General Updates
    • Bulk Solar program participation – 5 min
    • Bulk Solar metering updates – 5 min
    • Bulk insulation progress and new volunteer – 5 min
    • Community investment solar progress – 5 min
    • Do It green product sales update – 5 min
    • Status on MREA rural solar program – 5 min
    • Fund idea and process  – 5 min
  • 4:50PM: Special order
    • Reviewing, finalizing and offering/ discussing solar sales contract provisions – 15 min
    • Legal documents and process of expanding community ownership of Midtown Solar LLC – 15 min
    • Rural Solar program design – 15 min
    • Formalizing new members and annual members meeting – 15 min
  • 5:55PM: Next meeting time and closing


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