Join us for our Annual Members Meeting!

Each April, our members come together to review the progress of the co-op, make a number of key decisions about its structure and programs, and elect its new Board members. We’re providing dinner from Holy Land for this 6-8pm meeting: You’re invited!
CEF Annual Meeting
Wednesday April 24th, 6-8PM
Community Room (basement)*,
Midtown Global Market
920 E. Lake Street
Minneapolis, MN 55407
Annual Meeting Agenda:Tabling at our 2012 Grow Solar program

  • Introductions of members attending
  • 2012 highlights + staff updates
  • The future of CEF
  • How to engage as a member
  • New ideas from members
  • Member vote on the member solar sales commission proposal
  • Member election of the new Board
  • Member discussion on focus
  • Open meeting of the new Board
The members meeting is open to the public, but only members are able to vote. If you’re not a member yet, please consider joining the growing base of Twin Cities residents working together to create a cooperative energy future. To join as a member before ourannual meeting, please visit:

CEF is Seeking New Board Members in Advance of the Member Meeting:
Are you looking to get more involved in setting CEF’s direction going forward? Please consider running for the CEF Board. Several current members of the CEF Board are completing their terms. CEF is seeking 3-5 new Board members to run for this Annualmembers meeting. Only CEF members can join the Board, but we invite any individual to become a member by purchasing a $25 one-time membership share, or dedicating 10 hours of volunteer work to the cooperative. You can learn more about the responsibilities of joining  the CEF Board by downloading this document (hit download on the upper right –  

If you would like to nominate yourself for the CEF Board, please complete this form( or email by Sunday 4/14. If you have someone else in mind for the Board, we strongly encourage you to share this nomination form with them and invite them to apply.
* Detailed directions to the Midtown Global Market Community Room: From the Security Desk on the main floor of the Global Market, take a wide flight of stairs (or an elevator) down to the basement. From the foot of the stairs, continue walking straight, passing the DMV office on your right, and immediately afterward, turn right through a set of double doors (we’ll have signs posted here). Go through the doors and down a very long hallway through another set of doors – then keep going straight (angle slightly left around corners). The meeting room is on the left immediately before a third set of double doors.

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