Board meeting May 10

Cooperative Energy Futures will be having its first meeting with its newly elected board members — Megan Hoye, Jake Rounds, and Mark Preston are joining! You are welcome to join us at 5-7pm on Friday, May 10 at 3100 Longfellow Avenue. The agenda is:


  • 5PM: Deeper introductions and check-ins from Board members 
  • 5:15PM Call meeting to order
  • 5:16PM Approve March and April minutes
  • 5:19PM Approve agenda
  • 5:20PM Discuss role of the Board
  • 5:45PM Electing Officers (Chair, Treasurer, Secretary)
  • Decisions/ Proposals:
    • 5:55PM Extending office space with Do It Green 
    • 6PM: Approving a proposal to modify the compensation package for our pending hire. 
    • 6:10PM: Review and approve the MOU for our Phase II Solar bulk buy program 
  • 6:25PM General discussion 
  • 6:50PM Schedule future meetings and review action items/ tasks
  • 7PM Adjourn


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