Board meeting 9/24/13

All are welcome to join us for our September meeting of the Cooperative Energy Futures board. We will meet from 6-8pm in the basement of the Midtown Global Market. Please contact board chair Megan Hoye to RSVP and get clearer directions as the room can be hard to find. 

Check-ins – 15 min

Convene meeting, approve last meeting minutes and this meeting’s agenda – 10 min

 General Updates:

News on University Corridor project and to whom it was awarded (10 min)

Updates on the MN Made program funding  (5 min)

Updates on community solar (5 min)

Potential accounting progress made (10 min)

Any further news on Como Neighborhood and possible connections to Sustainable Resources Center (5 min)

Financial update  (5 min)

Updates from each Board member on their monthly outreach (10-15 min)

Action Items:

Discuss: Fundraising strategies discussed based on Timothy’s outline- potentially create a resolution or action item (20 min)

Identify next meeting time, location, and topics – 10 min

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