Board meeting 10/15

Apologies for the late notice! There will be a Cooperative Energy Futures board meeting 6-8pm on 10/15 in the conference room at the Midtown Global Market. As always, all board meetings are open to members and the general public. Here’s what we’ll discuss:


  • Check-ins – 15 min
  • Call to Order  -10 min
    • Review + approve meeting minutes
    • Review and approve process for taking these minutes
    • Review + approve agenda
  • Visitor – Tim Eian – 15 min
  • General Manager Updates – 30 min
    • Community Solar
    • University Avenue RDF clarifications
    • Midtown Community Works partnerships/funding opportunities
    • Outreach program outline/ progress on developing it/ capacity challenges
    • Financial Report update
  • Board Actions -40 min
    • Review and approve CERTs grant
    • Updates on individuals contacted by the Board
    • Updates on CEF funding strategies
  • Adjourn


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