Edina CSG fully subscribed!

Cooperative Energy Futures, in partnership with the City of Edina and Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light has filled the Edina Community Solar Garden with residential subscribers. The solar garden will enable 66 Edina families to offset their energy bills with credits from their share of the solar garden, which will be built on the roof of the Edina Public Works building in Spring 2017. The Edina solar garden will likely be the largest urban rooftop solar garden in Minnesota at the time that it is built and will serve as a role model for how local cities can use the large vacant roof spaces they control to host clean energy projects that benefit residents of their city. By hosting the solar garden and subscribing, the city of Edina and subscribers lead the way towards climate solutions that grow local jobs, clean energy, and community wealth. Read more news about the Edina Community Solar Garden in Edina Magazine and the Edina Sun Current.

Subscribers to the Edina solar garden will pay Cooperative Energy Futures each month for the solar energy produced by their portion of the array: if you subscribed for 2% of the garden capacity, you pay for 2% of its production each month. At the same time, Xcel Energy will credit each subscriber on their Xcel Energy bill for that same amount of production. Subscription rates are set so that each month, the subscriber comes out ahead while locking in their energy cost over the long term. The solar garden also contributes to Xcel Energy’s statewide requirements to provide over 30% of total energy from renewable sources by 2020. As members of Cooperative Energy Futures, subscribers are member-owners of a cooperative providing clean renewable energy to the grid.

The subscription drive generated more interest in subscribing than this first solar garden could accommodate, especially in the final month as the garden filled. Community residents who didn’t make it into this solar garden can join in in two ways:

  1. Joining our Waiting List to be invited to join a Community Solar Garden when one becomes available in your area
  2. Help us launch a new Community Solar Garden that you would be eligible for by recommending and connecting us with a potential host site. If you know a potential location interested in serving as a host site of a community solar array, you can send a recommendation to Solar Site Assessor Bruce Konewko at bruce@cooperativeenergyfutures.com, (612) 568-2334.  Please include your name, contact information, the specific address (street, city, state, zip) of the site you are recommending, and a sentence or two about your connection to the site and its owner. Good solar garden sites are at least 30,000 square feet of empty space on a flat roof, or 1-5 acres of parking lots (for a solar canopy system) or open land. Large public buildings like schools and public works buildings, some large congregations, and large commercial or warehouse spaces make great roofs, as do open parking lots or fields.

About timothydenherderthomas

Timothy is the General Manager of Cooperative Energy Futures and a member of the Community Power Steering Committee. He's all about people power, and being the changes we actually want to see. Timothy has been heavily involved in community development and using climate solutions as incredible opportunities for local economic activity, collective empowerment, and self-determination. He does lots of network building with buddies in the youth movement as well as labor, faith, agricultural, small business, and neighborhood groups.

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