CEF Board Nominations are open through 4/15/2017

Cooperative Energy Futures is a co-op – that means we’re member-owned and democratically controlled. CEF is managed by a 9-member Board of Directors who are co-op members elected by members of the co-op as a whole. Once a year, CEF members get to elect – and run for – the Board.

Its time for the 2017 CEF Board elections! The actual elections will take place at the CEF Annual Member Meeting on April 20th.

CEF members are invited to self- nominate to run for the CEF Board of Directors. The CEF Board meets monthly to guide the co-ops directions and make key business decisions on behalf of the members. CEF Board members are elected for 2-year terms at our Annual Members meeting, which this year is coming up on Thursday April 20th, 2017. Any member can run for the Board, and this year, we have seven open Board seats, so its a great time to get more involved as a CEF Board member.

Learn more about what it means to be a Board member and submit your nomination here.

About timothydenherderthomas

Timothy is the General Manager of Cooperative Energy Futures and a member of the Community Power Steering Committee. He's all about people power, and being the changes we actually want to see. Timothy has been heavily involved in community development and using climate solutions as incredible opportunities for local economic activity, collective empowerment, and self-determination. He does lots of network building with buddies in the youth movement as well as labor, faith, agricultural, small business, and neighborhood groups.

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