2018 CEF Annual Member Meeting: Board Election and candidates online

Thursday April 26th
Sunrise Banks Headquarters

2525 Wabash Ave, St Paul, MN 55114
Dinner and Meet and Greet starts at 6PM
Meeting Agenda starts at 6:30PM
Prize Drawings and Informal Mingling starts at 8PM
For members who are unable to attend in person, live audio of the meeting will be available by conference call connected to Sunrise Banks microphone system. While you won’t be able to taste our delicious food from Gandhi Mahal, or meet other members, it will be a good way to hear our keynote speaker, get updates on the co-op, and hear Board candidates pitch their candidacy for the election. If you want to dial in, please try:

Conference number: 1-888-585-9008           Key: 431-651-851

Members participating in the meeting by conference call will be able to vote in the Board election online. All members should receive an invitation to vote via online form on Tuesday 4/24 and may vote during the Board election period between 7:15PM and 8PM on Thursday 4/26. We ask that members review the CEF 2018 Board Candidate Statements and listen in as the candidates pitch their candidacy at the annual meeting. If you are a member, wish to vote online, and have not received an online ballot, please feel free to contact General Manager Timothy DenHerder-Thomas to request one.

Keynote Speaker: Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey:
CEF is excited to invite Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey as our 2018 Annual Meeting Keynote speaker. Recently elected in November 2017, Mayor Frey has already voiced his support for CEF’s vision at the Shiloh Temple launch event March 9 and has called for Minneapolis to lead the way on climate action through the Minneapolis Clean Energy Partnership. Mayor Frey will discuss how groups like CEF help advance city’s climate and economic justice goals and how grassroots efforts like ours can best leverage the power of local governments to secure a better energy future.

Major Annual Meeting Goals:
First and foremost, this is a celebration of the great strides CEF has made this year to make cooperative community energy a reality in Minnesota, and to look ahead to the exciting next phase as CEF builds out our first 8 community solar gardens offsetting the energy use of several hundred members. Join us in celebrating this historic moment in our journey to a cooperative energy future! A few more specific things we will cover include:

  • Get to know the co-op! Who are we, why are we, and where have we come from.
  • Learn about the co-op’s progress over the past year including member growth, new solar gardens, and capital secured.
  • Discuss highlights of the major opportunities and challenges facing the co-op
  • Invite members to get more involved in shaping where the co-op goes next
  • Make decisions about term limits for our Board of Directors, hear from Board candidates, and elect new members to the CEF Board of Directors.
  • Enjoy food, company, and great stories

Board Candidate Statements Available:

Nominations for the CEF Board of Directors closed on Sunday 4/22, and Board candidate statements are now available for review. If you are a member and voting in elections, please review the CEF 2018 Board Candidate Statements.

Thanks to our sponsors for helping make this event possible!

About timothydenherderthomas

Timothy is the General Manager of Cooperative Energy Futures and a member of the Community Power Steering Committee. He's all about people power, and being the changes we actually want to see. Timothy has been heavily involved in community development and using climate solutions as incredible opportunities for local economic activity, collective empowerment, and self-determination. He does lots of network building with buddies in the youth movement as well as labor, faith, agricultural, small business, and neighborhood groups.

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