Cooperative Energy Futures is a for-profit co-op that views energy efficiency as a powerful opportunity to save money and improve our quality of life. We believe energy efficiency is the first step in building people-powered solutions to the energy crisis and global warming. Most importantly, we seek to build and strengthen communities through the creation of those solutions. There are already techniques that help business and large corporations to improve energy efficiency – but these energy efficiency companies are not thinking of ways to save money for everyday people.

CEF is trying to replicate that value-creating model to the everyday people so that we can extend the opportunity to save energy and money to the rest of us. This solution has the potential, when applied across the country, to collectively save billions of dollars in energy costs for homeowners everywhere and can be one of the first major steps towards creating energy independence. Together, we will build solutions that can improve energy efficiency, save on utility bills, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, all while fostering a sense of communal sustainability.

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