Our Vision

Cooperative Energy Futures does things differently. We see that the biggest challenge has always
been implementing the simple, easy, and cheap technologies we already have available, such as light
bulbs, faucet aerators, and home insulation. While one person can only influence their own energy
bills, many people acting collectively can change the face of the energy system. We are hindered
primarily by a lack of social technology, not energy technology.

By working in an underserved and low-income community, we create real community wealth, first
by reducing energy demand and then by producing our own clean energy. CEF reframes the debate
by demonstrating how communities are central to building and implementing solutions.

Cooperative Energy Futures envisions a future where teams of people in every community are
working to produce, manage, and wisely use the energy that they need to thrive. Energy use has
plummeted though collective effort, pricing reflects actual cost and is available real-time to inform
costumer decisions about use, and the energy market has opened to allow community groups to
sell their own energy to a smart and stable grid. People and communities have agency, power, and
decision-making authority over the energy systems that sustain their homes, their communities,
and their economy. They own, manage, and use this system for their own collective benefit. It is a
cooperative energy future.

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