We believe in helping neighbors work together to make home energy improvements like air-sealing, insulation, solar thermal, and solar electric easier, cheaper, and more reliable. As a cooperative of neighbors taking action together, we:

  • Lower costs by contracting and buying in bulk,
  • Ensure reliable, effective sourcing and installation since together, we are a repeat customer
  • Create a simple, easy process so we each don’t have to figure everything out on our own
  • Make taking action social and fun

Cooperative Energy Futures currently offering and referring four neighborhood-action programs for our members:

Have your walls, attic, porch, or other areas air-sealed and insulated by qualified insulation contractors to save on heating and cooling costs.

  Get solar electric (PV) panels installed on your home for no upfront cost through our Solar Leasing program.

Weatherization Work Party: For folks just looking to do air-sealing and basic home weatherization yourself, organize a block party or other event among neighbors and friends. We’ll provide materials at bulk rates and basic training in how to use them.

Sign up to get involved in future Community Solar projects

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