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The CEF Edina Community Solar Garden is now fully subscribed. Learn more about the Edina solar garden reaching full subscription!

In fall 2015, the city of Edina invited community solar garden developers to submit proposals to build a community solar garden for residents of Edina on the roof of the Edina Public Works Building at 7450 Metro Boulevard. After a competitive selection process, Cooperative Energy Futures was chosen to develop the array and engage Edina residents in subscribing to it. CEF will be leasing the roof space from the City of Edina for 25 years for a 618kW solar garden, enough to cover 60 to 80 Edina households’ full electricity needs. This project will allow Edina residents to reduce their monthly energy costs and lock-in stable long-term electricity rates with no upfront cost by subscribing for solar power produced at the community solar garden at the Edina Public Works Building. Subscriptions for the Edina community solar garden closed in early November 2016 as the garden has been filled by 66 Edina families.

CEF is currently in the engineering review stage of the Xcel Energy application process to be a solar garden, and expects approval to build the solar garden by February 2017 with construction by late Spring 2017.

To learn more:

If you have further questions, please contact us at edina@cooperativeenergyfutures.com or call 612-599-7625

Join In:
The Edina community solar garden is now full, but you can still get involved in future opportunities with us:
  1. Joining our Waiting List to be invited to join a Community Solar Garden when one becomes available in your area
  2. Help us launch a new Community Solar Garden that you would be eligible for by recommending and connecting us with a potential host site. If you know a potential location interested in serving as a host site of a community solar array, you can send a recommendation to Solar Site Assessor Bruce Konewko at bruce@cooperativeenergyfutures.com, (612) 568-2334.  Please include your name, contact information, the specific address (street, city, state, zip) of the site you are recommending, and a sentence or two about your connection to the site and its owner. Good solar garden sites are at least 30,000 square feet of empty space on a flat roof, or 1-5 acres of parking lots (for a solar canopy system) or open land. Large public buildings like schools and public works buildings, some large congregations, and large commercial or warehouse spaces make great roofs, as do open parking lots or fields.
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