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We’re excited that you want to join a Cooperative Energy Futures Community Solar Garden! Subscribing to a solar garden is a multi-step process, and you are not committed until you sign the subscriber agreement that we will customize based on your eligible subscription size and your needs. To get started, identify the project you want to join, or sign-up on our waiting list.

Open Gardens:

Shiloh Temple CSGCEF’s first Community Solar Garden at Shiloh Temple is currently accepting upfront subscribers across the metro area (anyone with an electric bill in Hennepin County or an adjacent county). We are accepting pay-as-you-go subscribers only from North Minneapolis, or who are affiliated with Shiloh Temple.

Filled Gardens:

Edina CSG: CEF’s second Community Solar Garden on the Edina Public Works Building has now been filled by residents of the City of Edina – see our blog post for more!.

Join the Waiting List for Other Gardens: We are rolling out more community solar gardens throughout 2016-2017. You can get on a waiting list and take the first steps with us so you’ll be ready when a garden comes on line.

CEF is working on over a dozen project sites across Minnesota, many of them in coordination with community leaders and local organizations. If you want to help us accelerate availability of cooperative community solar in your community, here’s two ways you can help out:

  • Join/Form a Team: We have eight community teams currently planning different solar garden projects with us, and we’re happy to help more communities launch projects. Please contact General Manager Timothy DenHerder-Thomas at, (612) 250-1621 to see if there is already an active team in your community or to help start your own!
  • Recommend a Host Site: If you know a potential location interested in serving as a host site of a community solar array, you can send a recommendation to Solar Site Assessor Bruce Konewko at, (612) 568-2334. Please include your name, contact information, the specific address (street, city, state, zip) of the site you are recommending, and a sentence or two about your connection to the site and its owner.

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