CSG Waiting List

Start the Process:

Please complete the below form to help us pre-qualify you for a solar garden subscription. We’ll let you know if there are available gardens that you can subscribe for or get you on the waiting list for new solar gardens that you will be eligible for:

What Happens Next:

  1. After we receive your sign-up, we will send you an Xcel Energy Customer Consent form to release energy usage data to us so we can size a subscription to meet your energy usage. We’ll also identify which gardens if any you are eligible for right now.
  2. We’ll call or email you to talk about how much you want to subscribe for, whether you want to subscribe upfront or pay-as-you-go, and answer other questions you have about subscribing.
  3. When a solar garden that you are eligible for becomes available, we’ll let you know, invite you to contact us to talk through the details, and send you copies of the documents you will need to sign (the Subscriber Agency Agreement with Xcel, the Subscription Agreement with us, and the process for becoming a CEF member if you haven’t already).
  4. We’ll work with you to answer any questions that you have and schedule a time to sit down and discuss and sign these documents.
  5. At that meeting, we’ll talk through any remaining questions you have, clarify payment details based on your selected subscription option, go through the expected timeline and process for completing the project and starting operations, and go through signing the documents.
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