DIY Home Workshop

Looking to cut your energy costs but not sure how?

Cooperative Energy Futures offers a customizable workshop on do-it-yourself home energy efficiency. We cover the basics of heating and cooling and focus on practical fixes such as caulking, sealing windows and doors, changing a faucet aerator, switching a thermostat, and understanding phantom loads in appliances. This workshop offers hands-on practice, and can be held in your home to help you resolve your immediate concerns or in any community space. We strongly encourage teams of neighbors or friends to get together for a workshop to learn and start saving energy together. Workshops cost $10.

Workshops are a great opportunity to learn about how to best use our small scale energy efficiency products, such as window kits and showerheads, that may be more complicated to learn how to install. Workshops provide a chance to get information about how to make your specific home more efficient.

We also encourage teams of neighbors to take action together through a weatherization work party. You set up a house party or block party and we will provide training, equipment, and support to save energy together!

Please  call us at (612) 568-2334) to schedule a home energy workshop at your convenience!

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