Cooperative Energy Futures works with communities to coordinate energy efficiency projects that work for their unique needs and desires and capture the savings of buying in bulk. Our services include:

  • Selling efficiency products: We buy energy efficiency products like light bulbs and weatherstripping materials in bulk and pass those savings on to you. Go to our Products page to browse our catalog and order materials to make your home more comfortable and lower your energy bills.
  • Teaching workshops: CEF offers a customizable workshop series on do-it-yourself home energy efficiency. These workshops offer hands-on practice, and can take place in a home where real fixes can be applied. Check out our Workshop page to find a workshop or organize one in your community.
  • Coordinating group insulation: We work with homeowners and insulation contractors to coordinate communities to insulate their homes as a group, saving time and energy for the contractors so they can offer a discount to the homeowners. Go to our Community Energy Projects page to learn more about how it works.
  • Neighborhood renewable energy: Once your community has made all the efficiency improvements you can in your homes, we are excited to work with you to figure how to use your energy savings to build neighborhood renewable energy projects. Check out our Community Energy Projects page to see the options available to you.
  • Information about rebates and incentives: We’ve done the research about the government and utility rebates and incentives available for people making energy improvements on their homes. Check out our handy guide on our Rebates and Incentives page.
  • Membership in the cooperative: Become a member of Cooperative Energy Futures! Go to our Co-op Membership page to join or find out more about membership.
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