2016 Annual Members

Who We Are

Welcome to Cooperative Energy Futures (CEF). We are an energy efficiency and community-owned clean energy cooperative based in South Minneapolis and serving members across Minnesota. We develop community solar gardens for our members and offer products and services to help you save energy and money in your home. We work to help you connect with neighbors to build a better energy future together.

Currently, CEF is helping neighbors and businesses cut their energy costs through solar and energy efficiency.

Join the 2018 Annual Meeting

Our annual member meeting is coming up – please join us:

Thursday April 26th 6-8PM
Sunrise Banks Headquarters

2525 Wabash Ave, St Paul, MN 55114

Review details, including options to listen in live at our recent blog post.

Join the Co-op

CEF is made up of community residents from several communities across Minnesota who are coming together to create a clean energy future together. More members are joining everyday. Joining us is easy.

Join our first Community Solar Gardens

Shiloh chartCommunity Solar Gardens (CSG) make solar affordable by building a large solar array on a sunny roof or open area. CSGs can also make solar available to anyone who pays an electric bill by allowing renters, home-owners, businesses, and organizations to subscribe for solar power. Xcel Energy is required to give a bill credit to anyone who subscribes to a CSG for the power produced by their portion of the array.

Now with community solar gardens, solar is possible for anyone who pays an electric bill. As a cooperative, we’re keeping costs low, creating jobs for those who need them most, and ensuring community ownership and control.

Get Solar on Your Own Home

CEF helps Twin Cities residents install solar on their own homes using several state incentives and low-cost financing programs.