Why become a member?

Becoming a member-owner of Cooperative Energy Futures means buying into the vision that you and your community can be producers, not just consumers, in the new clean-energy economy.

Through CEF’s network, services and innovative financing structures, you can become a member of a network of people working together, supporting each other, and creating a community-powered energy future. Even non-members are welcome to arrange workshops with us, as we seek to engage all stakeholders in creating communities that are plugged into the clean-energy economy.

CEF membership benefits:

  • A lifetime membership for $25 allows you to participate in annual members’ meetings and run for and elect our Board of Directors.
  • Discounts on DIY energy saving products and workshops that are open to the general public
  • Access to members-only programs like insulation and solar bulk-buying or community ownership of clean energy
  • Receive distributions on the profit generated from the business you do with us — we build wealth together.
  • Access to innovative energy saving tools and build relationships that allow you and your community to build a cooperative energy future.
  • Members can earn finder’s fees on projects that they bring to the cooperative that are completed. Please view our Template Finders Fee for details.
  • Members can invest in Preferred Stock at certain points when the co-op offers it. CEF currently has Preferred Stock available for purchase through February 2020. In our last offering (2017), Cooperative Energy Futures raised $501,000 in member equity.


How To Join:

To Become a CEF Member, complete these three steps:

  1. Read about the benefits and opportunities you gain from becoming a member and review the full Member Agreement on our Membership Brochure.
  2. Complete the online form below
  3. Click “Add To Cart” below the form to pay for membership by credit card or PayPal along with any other CEF products you wish to buy or just send us a check.

After you submit this form and your payment, we will send you a membership certificate and our governing documents. We’ll also add you to our members list to receive CEF news, events and opportunities.

Pay for membership via PayPal:

Thank you for your support

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